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Using CORS Proxy for Cross-domain AJAX Requests

AJAX requests in Javascript can only be made when being sent to the same domain. This is due to the same-origin policy. It is particularly annoying when hosting pages using a service like GitHub Pages, and needing to get JSON data that can’t be served as JSON-P. If you could use PHP, you can’t on GitHub Pages, you could use a PHP proxy.

But for hosting on services like GitHub Pages, you can use CORS Proxy. All you have to do is strip “http://” and “www.” from the URL being proxied, and prepend the URL with So would be

Security? Well, CORS Proxy strips any cookie headers. Also, because the domain is, so cookies for the upstream domain aren’t sent. You can check the source here.

Hopefully this has helped you, it stumped me for the longest time before finding CORS Proxy.


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